Login FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I login to this site?

You must use your OPD number (681xxx or 682xxx) along with your PIN number.  If you do not remember your PIN number, please contact Money Mentors by clicking the "e-mail" button on the login page.

What information can I get from this site?

You will be able to update your personal contact information, obtain your monthly statement, and obtain your deposit and disbursement information.

If I make a payment, when and where will it show?

All payments received by Money Mentors are posted daily.  Please allow 24 hours for your payment to appear on your Payment History.

How often are the Statements and Payment Histories updated?

Statements are updated monthly on the first business day of the month.  Payment Histories are updated daily.

Where can I get more information about services that Money Mentors provides?

Click on the Money Mentors button on the login page to go to our main website.